Thursday, September 29, 2016

Online Sweepstakes by and Mr. Sweepy: MACK’S PRAIRIE WINGS - 2016 MOSSY OAK SHADOW GRASS...





ARV of the Prize is $11,299.99 and comes with a standard 5 year extended warranty.                        

Ends December 28th, 2016, daily entry.

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(1) GRAND PRIZE: The Winner will receive a 2016 Honda Pilot LX 2WD, as well as a 4moms prize package selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion, including: 4moms self-installing car seat; 4moms mamaRoo; 4moms rockaRoo; 4moms bounceRoo; 4moms infant tub; 4moms spout cover; 4moms high chair; 4moms starter set; 4moms breeze playard; and 4moms moxi stroller.

ARV of the Grand Prize: $35,124.

(5) FIRST PRIZES: Each First Prize Winner will receive the following first prize: 4moms self-installing car seat and 4moms moxi stroller.
ARV of each First Prize: $1,199.

ARV of all prizes: $41,124.

Ends October 14th, 2016, limit one entry.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

(1) Grand Prize Winner will receive (1) 70” LED HDTV with Satellite Receiver (awarded as a $6,000 Best Buy gift card); (1) Stainless Steel Gas Grill (awarded as a $1,500 Home Depot gift card); (1) $1,000 Gift Card from the grocery retailer of Grand Prize Winner’s choice; one (1) $10,000 Gift Card to Rooms To Go and (1) up to $1,500 catering allowance from the catering retailer of Grand Prize Winner’s choice.

The total ARV: $20,000.

Verified Grand Prize Winner has the option of either receiving the complete prize/prize components as described above, or a one-time cash payment by check of $10,000.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016


(1) CONTEST GRAND PRIZE: $50,000; awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner.

(3) CONTEST FIRST PRIZES: Winning entrant’s CHEETOS Monster will be recreated. The recreation of the winning CHEETOS Monster will play a cameo role in a short, stop-motion film. Winner’s name will appear in the film credits and winner will receive a copy of the film. There is no retail value is associated with the Contest First Prize.

(6) SWEEPSTAKES PRIZE - (1) PER ENTRY PERIOD: $1,000; awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner.
Total ARV of all Sweepstakes Prizes is $6,000.

Total ARV of all prizes is $56,000.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

(1) Sweepstakes winner selected in a random drawing on each Drawing Date noted in the chart below, if and only if, Kevin Harvick is the officially declared winner of the race that corresponds to each Drawing Date noted in the chart below (each a “Race”). For all races except the All-Star Race, a “win” constitutes a first place finish during a Race. For the All-Star Race, a “win” is defined as a Final Segment Win. In the event that Kevin Harvick is not officially declared the winner of a Race (as defined above), the Sweepstakes drawing for that particular Race will not be conducted, and no prize will be awarded for that Race.

(37) Sweepstakes Prizes, (one prize for each of the Races listed above). Each prize awarded (if any) will consist of a check for $20,000. Potential total ARV of all available Sweepstakes Prizes: $740,000.

GAME PRIZES: (7,002)
12 Kevin Harvick 1:24 die cast $69.99
500 Fanatic Gift Code $20
1,500 Kevin Harvick Hero Card and Key Chain $2.92
1,650 Kevin Harvick Hero Card and Car Magnet $1.25
3,340 Kevin Harvick Hero Card and Coozie $.50
Total ARV of all available Game Prizes: $18,952.38.

Potential total ARV of all available Prizes: $758,952.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Prize consisting only of the following: (1) 2011 Skeeter ZX 190 - (1) $1,000 toward travel expenses.

Total ARV of the Grand Prize is USD $11,000.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1) GRAND PRIZE: Winner’s choice of any 2016 or 2017 Ford model vehicle (excluding commercial vehicles) whose MSRP does not exceed $30,000; however, if Ford model is selected with an MSRP of less than $30,000                        

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(1) Grand Prize: Trip to Las Vegas includes:
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


(1) GRAND PRIZE: A 2017 Ford Fusion Energi - MSRP not to exceed $45,000; however, if Ford Fusion Energi model selected has an MSRP of less than $45,000, winner will NOT receive the difference in prize value, and a trip for (2) to winner’s choice of of (4) 2017 Wanderlust Festivals in the [48] contiguous U.S., subject to the approval of Sponsor in its sole discretion (Festivals held outside the [48] contiguous United States, such as in Canada, are not available for selection)*. Prize trip to include a 4-day Tier A (for 4-day Festivals) ticket or 3-day Tier A (for 3-day Festivals) for (2) persons (winner and guest) to 2017 Wanderlust Festival; roundtrip air travel for him/herself and (1) guest from major commercial airport nearest winner's residence to major commercial airport nearest chosen Wanderlust Festival (as determined by Sponsor/Administrator in their sole discretion); ground transfers from airport nearest chosen Wanderlust Mindful Living Festival to hotel or other lodging (as determined by Sponsor/Administrator in their sole discretion); lodging, based on double occupancy, room and tax only (as applicable) for up to 5 nights/6 days or 4 nights/5 days depending upon chosen Wanderlust Festival; $500 each for winner and guest for add-on activities to the chosen Wanderlust Festival experience; and $1,000 gift card (issuer to be determined in Sponsor's sole discretion; subject to terms/conditions as indicated thereon).
Maximum ARV of Prize Trip is $7,500.

The maximum ARV of the Grand Prize is $52,500.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Winning Attitude to Sweepstakes – Part 3

by Craig McDaniel, President of Sweepstakes Today LLC

I did some more photo ops including Johnny Rutherford, the same Indy Car winner in 1976 and some of the other drivers. Johnny was driving the pace car for the race and as a promotion I got to sit in the Chevy Silverado while it was being driven around the race track in front of the pace car for two laps. The conversation I had with Johnny was another highlight and memory for sure. Part of our conversation was about him winning the race and he ask me about winning the truck. He was floored when I told him that I had won another truck several years ago.

Now for the sad part of that day. Firestone, Chevy and the Indy League gave us access to one of the private box suites just above the pit area of the Michigan Speedway. Wow, there were the best possible seats and it was catered. I got to meet some very interesting people some of whom I call them my friends to this day. I also had my cell phone with me and called my mom, dad, friends and a lady friend. I say lady friend because we didn’t see much of each other but did have a close feeling towards each other. When I called, something was very wrong in her voice. It was her father. She said his illness turned grave. It’s not hard to understand how emotions can change after this.

Eighth rule about having a winning attitude: There was a quote by the late football coach, Vince Lombardi who said: "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." This I agree with in a single event. However, there are times when there are more important things in life than winning.

I ask the marketing people however many people entered the Firestone sweepstakes. They said over 365,000. Then I had the one in five to win the truck. Then the Hyundai Santa Fe Sweepstakes, there was over 100,000 entries. Then we can add in all the other great prizes I won at the time of the Firestone win and you come up with odds that are too astronomical to even to think about, in the billions. Considering all this happened to one person, me.

Before I had left the racetrack I started to ask the question, “Why Me?” Out of the 300 million people living in the US at the time, why did this happen to me? I still cannot comprehend to this day the “Why Me” 13 years later.

Ninth rule about having a winning attitude: Even when the odds of winning seem insoluble, impossible, or insurmountable and even crazy to think, all you need is that one number to make the difference. “It only takes once”.

The worse part of the “Why Me”, I started to develop the realization that this also applies about something I mentioned earlier. This was the comments about “Luck” and “Unlucky”.  There were parts of my life where fate and destiny wasn’t my friend. Then I had people seriously calling me the “Luckiest person on earth”. At times it seemed that one bad thing that happened to me was offset by something good happened. Then in 2007 my mother, Patsy McDaniel died suddenly. Then Dad, Robert McDaniel died in 2009. These events changed my affected thinking again.

Tenth rule about having a winning attitude: “I would trade all of my so-called “Good Luck” that has happened in my life for all the “Bad Luck” without question or hesitation. When you can honestly ask yourself this question then you know what the definition of “Luck” is.

I could share many more stories of events that happened but the odds would be considered nearly impossible. Some of these stories are funny to the point of being hilarious while there was one I could just easy say I shouldn’t be alive and got down to inches. Last, there was one event that happened that was greater than the odds of winning two trucks but I will stand with my beliefs to the day I die.  The important point here is to things in life that shouldn’t for all practical reasons happen, but they do. 

Craig McDaniel, also known as Mr. Sweepy

The Winning Attitude to Sweepstakes - Part 2

by Craig McDaniel, President of Sweepstakes Today LLC

You will hear people say, "Oh I don't have the time to enter sweepstakes". Ask yourself how much free time do you have in a day? This includes time watching TV and commercials? Everyone has some free time during each day. Some has more than others. A good sweeper who is well organized can enter a sweep in less than 2 minutes. There are many sweepstakes on the second entry can take just a few seconds because the way it is designed.  The people who say they don't have the time usually don't understand how simple and fast it takes to enter many sweeps. Then what other hobbies can you win great prizes? Or when the weather is really bad outside? When you ask these type of questions and more, you will find that you have more free time than you might think. 

Second rule about having a winning attitude: "No one enters to lose time, but finding no time to enter and you will lose."

For many veteran sweepers, the hardest part of sweeping daily is doubt will play games with your mind. You will doubt whether you will win again. This happens to everyone. There are win streaks and there are streaks where you don't win. That's just a very simple way of putting it.  I don't look at this with rose colored glasses.  I had several years where I had 4 Affy wins back to back then the third year nothing.

Third rule about having a winning attitude: In this hobby, you will be both the biggest winner and loser you know. This is strictly about the sweeping hobby. Losing is never fun but when you get your big win, the memories of the loses will leave and the euphoric memory of that one moment when you find out you have won will stay with you the rest of your live. The time you put into this hobby and the wins that never happened will be minimized.  

In the sweeping hobby, some of the biggest doubters who think you are crazy for entering sweeps are the people closest to you. I have heard in the hundreds of stories about family members that "think your new hobby is a waste of time because no one ever wins the prizes." What happens is many sweepers take a very determined attitude that they will win not just a prize but a big nice prize. But they also have a desire to prove those relatives wrong which drives their motivation even higher.

There was a member whose first big win was a new car. her husband gave her a bad time about entering the sweeps for a while and no big wins. I remember when she won, she talked about having the last laugh. This leads to the next rule:

 Fourth rule about having a winning attitude: Don't let others change or influence your positive attitude and to mix their negative thoughts as being superior to yours. The worst entry you can make is one where others will say you have no chance at winning. Ignore the negatives.

There was a person who one said, "If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't." This person was a former Viet Nam prisoner of war and I apologize for not remembering his name during a seminar in the late 1970’s. He shortens the quote from another writer. In my mind this was the ultimate positive attitude story I ever heard because he was talking about just staying alive.

Fifth rule about having a winning attitude:  "So when you do lose, remember that you or someone close to you will may lose something far more valuable or important than a sweepstakes or a prize. Make those people feel like winners today and not tomorrow." A winning attitude is contagious. Share it with every one you know.

In the spring of 2003, I was still sweeping in my spare time and doing some consulting work with some big companies. Then out of the blue, I get a telephone call from a lady with Don Jagoda and Associates. She introduced herself and ask If I remember entering online the Firestone Indy League Sweepstakes? My mind was racing and no pun intended. I said vaguely. She gave me the story about I was one of 5 winners to the Indy Car Race at the Michigan 400 race. All 5 winners would be given the opportunity to pick a key that would start one of two Chevy vehicles. The Grand Prize was the Chevy 4x4 Silverado double cab with all the features. The other Chevy was a Malibu. The other 3 prize winners would win in car video players. All 5 winners would receive air travel, 5-star hotel rooms and accommodations and more.

Before the race trip all the paperwork and Affy was filled out and sent back. It was official I was going to Michigan to the Indy Car race. The race wasn’t going to happen for another four months and it gave me a lot of time to think about how I got to this point in my life and what might happen. At this point I heard the word “Luck” quiet often. During this four month and the future 13 years after this point to when I wrote this article, I developed a whole different understanding about “Luck”. The word “Luck” is then and now probably one of the top 25 words in the dictionary that is used by nearly everyone. However, what does it really mean? You can’t really see it, taste it, smell it, hear it, buy it or sell it. “Luck” is totally invisible yet we believe in it. At this point, I started to compare what the opposite to “Luck” and that would be “Unlucky”. Unlucky does not exist either yet there is belief in it. I came to the conclusion that if one exists then the other must exist also.  I choose at this point NOT to believe in “Luck or Unlucky” completely.  I will say I do believe in fate, destiny and mathematical odds. This leads to my next rule.

Sixth rule about having a winning attitude:  Winning does not coexist with “Luck or Unlucky”. Winning is more about skill, talent, persistence, desire, motivation, preparation, belief in one’s self and soul and last fate and destiny.

Why do I believe this? From the day I was born, some would say I was “Unlucky”. I was born deft in one ear. I have an identical twin who had perfect hearing in both ears. Was my twin brother the “Lucky one” and I was the “Unlucky one”? This is an impossible question to answer. At best it could be said it was fate while others might say it was God’s will. No matter what conclusion you believe the destiny of this event would follow both my brother and I for the rest of our lives and the impact it had on each of us but mainly myself.

All five of the winners showed up for the Michigan Race. The night before with the Firestone marketing people and the staff of Don Jagoda, we each drew for numbers to find out who would be picking the five keys to the two Chevy vehicles. I picked number two. Being good in math, this was actually the best number to pick. However, luck didn’t matter then and not the next day at the pre-race event.

The Sunday and day of the race was the turning of the keys event to determine the vehicles winners, I wasn’t nervous or excited.  I convinced myself just to enjoy the moment and whatever fate brought me to happy accept it.

The key turning started with a lady in the Silverado first then the Malibu. Neither started. Then it was my turn. Neither started. However, I had a funny feeling but didn’t know what that was. Well it was down to the other three people turned their keys and one lady’s key started the Malibu.  She was honking the horn and obliviously very happy.  The Silverado didn’t start. The Firestone people were shaking their heads.  I stepped forward and said I might have used the wrong key.  One of the four of us had the starting key they knew so they said try it again.

Well I tried the second key and the Silverado started. I started to laugh for one reason then one of the promo people and ABC Sports camera guy said “Honk The Horn!” I did but I think I was pushing every thought and emotion I had at that second instead. I was numb, speechless and more. People were cheering and making noise and happy for me.  Then I knew this was a life changing event for me.

I did a photo op with the Indy Car driver Sam Hornish Jr. We talked for a moment and I wished him well today in the race. I distinctly recall not using the word luck. I recall that there was a race before the main event race and there was a big crash between a group of cars and one of racers was hurt bad. For some reason I thought about that when I was talking with Sam.  Was that other driver simply “unlucky” or was it fate. Nothing mechanically broke and the wreck was cause by driver error. In the my back of my mine while talking with Sam and I was cloud nine from winning the Chevy Truck, I was thinking of Sam’s safely at that moment. At the same time, I truly wanted to see Sam to win the Indy race.

Sam Hornish Jr. and Craig McDaniel at the 2003 Michigan Indy Car Race

Seventh rule about having a winning attitude:  I sincerely believe in rooting on all to win even if I am a participant in sweeping. Everyone who takes the time to enter wants to win and simple odds says you cannot win everything. However, you can still try to the best of your abilities.

Part 2 of 3

The Winning Attitude to Sweepstakes - Part 1

by Craig McDaniel, President of Sweepstakes Today LLC

The first part of my story is about how I got started in the hobby of entering contests and sweepstakes. I take you through my early years as a kid where winning things was more compared to finding pirate’s treasure to over 50 years later. The one thing I will share upfront is a winning attitude never ends because you grow older. This is where my story begins.

I have won likely over $100,000 but I keep a dollar less so when I get my next big win, then there will be no question about the amount. After this I get into my thoughts why I have won and about my philosophies in winning. This one dollar to me, represents the time, energy and hard work it has taken.  But on the flip side I can say if I didn’t put the time and effort in, then I wouldn’t have won. There are a several parities I talk about

You may or may not agree with my opinions and I fully understand. I try to focus on equally from what I learned from entering the sweeps myself and many others who taken up “sweeping” as a hobby and their thoughts. However, there are several traits I have found that is in all winners. This is my description.

Going back 30 plus years prior to this when I was a kid, I looked for pop bottle caps with prizes imprinted under the plastic liners. Back in the mid 1960's glass pop bottles could be sold back to the stores for cash. Being 8 years old or so, this was my first job. Then we found that you could nearly make more money from winning prizes from the caps. I was too young and maybe too naïve about thinking looking for bottle caps and prize hunting could be a hobby. As a kid, it was fun to win. My attitude was totally thinking I was going to win. I was too young and dumb to know the difference. In looking back in my early years, we grew up in a time where it was ok to be competitive in sports while in Elementary and Junior High School. Today, there is still competition but it is not sports like baseball or softball or basketball. It has changed to electronic and computer games.

As I got into my teen years and I really forgot about the pop bottle caps wins. I did play poker when I was going to college part time and working full time. I still was as competitive as ever and playing the lunch time poker games turned into something bigger. I started to playing with the big boys a couple of times in the backroom of the local pool hall. When I say big boys, one gentleman, Mr. Bobby Baldwin, turned out to be a world champion in poker. I held my own and won money. I quit playing poker not because it was fun to win cash but I never thought about playing the game for a living. While I was still working at a plant, I won in a drawing a trip to the Indy 500 in 1976. This was a bus trip with 40 other employees, 40 cases of beer and booze. I honestly don't remember the trip final 500 miles of the 650-mile trip to Indy. I do remember Johnny Rutherford winning the race after it was rained out. To say the least, this was worth the memories to this day.

Johnny Rutherford 1976 Winning Indy Car

When I reach 30, I had to have back surgery. Learning to compete with pain was a whole new form of competition I hope no one has to deal with. In one sense you cannot beat physical battle of pain. However, you can win the war with the right attitude. for rehab I walked every day. the more I walked the better I felt. I made walking a competition mainly to stay positive and I wasn't going to let this back rehab beat me. At the same time, there was several call-in sports trivia television shows each week. One was on the local cable channel and the show was call Sports Scene.  Well sports trivia was something I was, to put it mildly, I was better than good, to the point that Sports Scene had to change the rules three times in about 5 months because I was winning so much. I also won on a national TV sport trivia show but it was difficult to call in being nationwide.

In August 1991, I did something I wasn’t sure I could do. That was to quit smoking. Not just quitting, but it was the full cold turkey method and I had not smoked a cigarette since. Considering the number of years, quitting smoking might be one of my greatest wins. People ask me how I did it; the answer is simple. It begins with believing you can. I am currently working on a video and another blog about quitting smoking.

As if fate had a clock, I had my second back surgery 10 years later. I had taken to be a real gym rat and pumping iron. Well I got competitive in this as well. I use to workout with world champion fighter, Mikey Burnett and former New York Jet, Jimbo Elrod with many others. I wasn’t a professional athlete but I did earn respect for being competitive and trying to improve myself.  Then on New Year’s Eve, one too many reps in a back muscle workout did me in. Ouch again.  I knew the drill after surgery and started rehab really before surgery to help what was to come afterwards. At the time, I did play golf and weight lift but had to give that up. I did have a IBM floppy drive computer and a very slow call up internet connection.

After finding the first sweepstakes banner I started to search for more sweeps online.  There was one website back in 1996 and 1997 and I started to enter a lot. This was my new hobby even after going back to work. Actually I wasn't even thinking about entering sweepstakes and was looking at other websites at the time. I saw an online banner about a sweepstakes to enter and that was beginning of my online hobby. 

Winning didn't happen quick and honestly, doubts started to creep in. Maybe I was too dumb to quit but I still kept on entering the sweeps. Then the prizes started to come in. Most were smaller prizes in value but over time, they got bigger. I won a signed poster by U2, a Sony digital camera and then a beautiful Movado ladies watch that went to mom for Christmas.

Toward the end of 1999, I won my first sweepstakes that required an affidavit (commonly referred to as an Affy) prize.  This was for a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV from and Hyundai.  Did I believe it? No but I remembered entering this sweepstakes. I got the affidavit and rules page mailed to me and mailed all the documents and notarized. I got a call back from the sweepstakes administrator, telling me I was the official winner.  Receiving the SUV was a problem however.  There was a workers strike in Korea where the SUV was being made. The strike started before the first SUV was off the assembly line. It took 9 months then the local dealer wanted the Santa Fe so Hyundai ended up giving me a check for over $22,000. The wait was a downer but was forgotten after a check was sent.  I mention this because some people give up this hobby for this minor setback.  I didn't.

(The above picture was taken by the Tulsa World Newspaper showing the Hyundai check, the Sony Camera and 61 inch RCA TV I had won.)
What might surprise many is even though I was a big winner, I also had maybe 25,000 online entries or more to this point. I know what many of you who have never entered in many sweepstakes will say, I wouldn't take the time to do this. It's ridiculous even for a $22,000 dollar check and a handful of great prizes. This is where you have to have a rock hard attitude about being positive and to flush out all the negative thoughts in your brain.  Yeah, yeah, easier said than done and you hear. But here is another way to view entering 25,000 times.

 My first rule about having a winning attitude:  If you enter, expect to win even if the odds are enormously against you. Picture yourself winning the prize you have entered for. What would it mean to own that prize? How would that prize help you and your family? Do these two questions arouse your imagination? That is the point of expecting to win and to see this wish can come true.

In 2004 when I started online, it was a struggle to build because I didn’t just want a good website, I wanted a great website. I personal had years of experience of entering sweeps since 1996. However, I was unhappy with existing sweepstakes websites. It wasn’t that the other websites were all bad, all missed some features that was missing or the quality that meet my standards. This is when I heard from many their attitude about taking the time to enter sweepstakes was different from mine own.

The end of part one of three.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


There will be (17) random drawings from valid and qualifying entries to select (1) winner for each week during the Sweepstakes.

The Prize will be one of the following: (1) 43-inch TCL 4K Roku Television (Model # 43UP130) with an MSRP of approximately $449.00; or, (1) 55-inch TCL 4K Roku Television (Model #55US5800) with an MSRP of approximately $599.00; or, (1) 65-inch TCL 4K Roku Television (Model #65US5800) with an MSRP of approximately $999.00.

Weekly entry, ends 12/29/16.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016


(1) Grand Prize: Winner will win $50,000 cash (presented in the form of a check); (ii) four year-long attraction passes to Gatlinburg, Tennessee (details to be determined in Sponsor’s sole discretion); and (iii) a (2) night stay for Grand Prize Winner and (1) guest at the Greystone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
ARV of the Grand Prize: $52,560.

Weekly Prizes: Each Weekly Prize Winner will win the following (the “Weekly Prize”): $1,000 cash (presented in the form of a check).
ARV of the Weekly Prizes: $5,000.

ARV of all prizes: $57,560.

Daily entry, ends 09/26/2016.

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Friday, September 16, 2016


One (3) night trip to Las Vegas for (1) winner and (3) friends including round-trip airfare (a $1,800 value), car service (a $500 value), (2) deluxe rooms at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (accommodations based on availability, a $3,000 value), a mixology lesson with a celebrity mixologist and custom barware gift (a $1,000 value), table service in DJ booth at XS Las Vegas Nightclub (accommodations based on availability, a $2,500 value), night dune buggy racing (a $1,000 value), a reservation at a buzzy chef-led restaurant, and spending money ($2,000).

The total ARV of the Grand Prize Award is $11,800.

Limit one entry, ends 12/31/2016.

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(1) men’s replica Super Bowl ring.
ARV: $2,500.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


(1) GRAND PRIZE: (1) 2016 Chevrolet SS 4-Door Sedan.
MSRP of automobile=$49,770 and

2) A 4-day/3-night trip for the Grand Prize Winner and (1) guest to Las Vegas, NV scheduled to take place between November 30, 2016-December 3, 2016, consisting of round-trip air transportation from a major U.S. gateway airport nearest to Grand Prize Winner's residence in the U.S. to a major U.S. gateway airport near Las Vegas, NV; standard double-occupancy hotel accommodations (1) room) for (3) nights at the Palms Hotel and Casino, ground transportation to/from the airport and hotel in Las Vegas, (2) tickets for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the following events: NMPA Myers Brother's Awards Luncheon on December 1, 2016, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Show on December 2, 2016, Pre-NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Brunch on December 2, 2016, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Show on December 2, 2016, (2) VIP Passes for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the NASCAR Victory Lap Fueled by Sunoco Event on December 1, 2016 including the opportunity for the winner to ride in the Pace Car while at the Event, and two (2) VIP Tickets for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the NASCAR After the Lap event on December 1, 2016.
ARV of trip=$3,500.

Total ARV of Grand Prize Package=$53,270.

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(1) GRAND PRIZE: A 2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD, with the following options: 2.7L EcoBoost Engine V6, V6 Sport Upgrade Package, Driver Assist Package, and Voice-Activated Navigation.
ARV=$38,415) and

2) A 4-day/3-night trip for the Grand Prize Winner and (1) guest to Las Vegas, NV scheduled to take place between November 30, 2016-December 3, 2016, consisting of round-trip air transportation from a major U.S. gateway airport nearest to Grand Prize Winner’s residence in the U.S. to a major U.S. gateway airport near Las Vegas, NV; standard double-occupancy hotel accommodations (1) room) for (3) nights at the Palms Hotel and Casino, ground transportation to/from the airport and hotel in Las Vegas, (2) tickets for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the following events: NMPA Myers Brother’s Awards Luncheon on December 1, 2016, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Show on December 2, 2016, Pre-NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Brunch on December 2, 2016, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Show on December 2, 2016, (2) VIP Passes for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the NASCAR Victory Lap Fueled by Sunoco Event on December 1, 2016 including the opportunity for the winner to ride in the Pace Car while at the Event, and (2) VIP Tickets for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to attend the NASCAR After the Lap event on December 1, 2016.
ARV of trip=$3,500.

Total ARV of Grand Prize Package=$41,915.
To enter, click this link:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


(1) GRAND PRIZE: $5,000 awarded in the form of a check.
ARV of Grand Prize is $5,000.

(1,750) DAILY PRIZES - (50 awarded per Daily Entry Period: A Thomas’ product coupon up to $5.00 in value.
Maximum ARV of each daily prize is $5.00.

Total ARV of all prizes: $13,750.

To enter, click this link

Sunday, September 11, 2016


(1) Grand Prize: Winner will be awarded a 2017 Truck.
ARV: $45,000.

(4) Monthly Prize: Each winner will be awarded DEWALT Tools.
ARV: $3,500.


Limit: (1) entry per enrolled Business during the Sweepstakes Period. Ends 12/31/16.

Click here to enter at

Saturday, September 10, 2016


(1) winner will receive a tailgating package that includes a 2016 Ford F150 XLT truck from Sam’s Auto Buying Program and True Car (with an estimated MSRP of $43,000) a Caravan® Canopy Sports MonarchShade, a Black Max 900w/1000w Digital Inverter Generator (gas powered), an Igloo Transformer 60 Qt Cooler, a Members Mark 8-Burner Event Grill, and a Samsung 70” Class 4K UHD TV. Potential winner will be contacted by TrueCar, Inc. to select color and features of vehicle within the ARV amount.

The ARV of the prize is $45,938.

Enter at:

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Grand Prize
$10,000 cash

First Runner Up
$5,000 cash

Second Runner Up

$5,000 cash

Third Runner Up
$3,000 cash

Ends October 23rd, 2016, daily entry.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


(1) Grand Prize: (1) $500 Bank Issued Gift Card.
One entry and end 09/08/16.

Click to enter:


(1) GRAND PRIZE: A trip for two to New York City for a photo op with Heidi Klum; a one year supply of HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES Solutions; and a $500 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card.
ARV: $4,724.45.

A one year supply of HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES Solutions includes: ten packages of Disposable Covers, five packages of Silicone Gel Covers, five packages of Dressing Tape Strips, two packages Dressing Tape Dispensers, five packages of Bra Converting Clips, five packages of Clear Straps, five packages of Low Back Converters, five packages of the Starter Kit, three packages of Hip Hugging, and ten packages of Hemming Tape.

Instant Win Game Prizes:
(30) FIRST PRIZES (one per day): A HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES Solutions prize package, including: one package of Hemming Tape, one pair of Clear Straps, and one Starter Kit. ARV: $25.97


Monday, September 5, 2016


(1) Prize: The winner will receive a dealership credit for his/her choice of either a Ram Truck or Van, the actual value of which shall not exceed $50,000 including tax, title and fees (Note: Sales incentives do not apply). 

Follow the on-screen instructions to upload a photograph of yourself on the job and/or either a completed or current construction project (personal or professional) not to exceed 8 MB.


Thursday, September 1, 2016


(1) Grand Prize is available. The Grand Prize consists of: One package for a family of four:

round trip airfare from the nearest major US gateway airport to Orlando, FL (maximum value of $500 per person inclusive of all taxes)

$266 towards car rental, fuel, tolls and parking

(3) night stay at a 4 star hotel in Orlando in a family/king size room

Family Flight package for indoor skydiving -- experience flying unaided like a stork with this, indoor flying experience!**

(10) Flights Or 5 Double-length Flights

(5) Video Clips From Your Flight Session

All first-time flyer packages include a comprehensive training session, equipment rental, and one-on-one assistance from one of our instructors

The whole experience lasts about (1) hour and each flight is the equivalent of one and a half skydives

Entrance for (4) to Gatorland

 $266 towards food, drinks and spending money travel insurance.