Thursday, August 4, 2016

About Sweepstakes and by Craig McDaniel

About Sweepstakes and by Craig McDaniel Members, friend and people who are interested in entering sweepstakes and contest, this video are my basic ideas and thoughts. I started in sweepstakes and contest as a kid looking for pop bottle caps that a few of them, had prizes under them. I was to young to know that this was stupid to some, I just enjoyed winning small prizes. After my second back surgery in 1996 (my doc recently remained me the year was 1996 and not 1997 of the second surgery) I had to give up all of my current hobbies. I did have a computer and the internet and found by accident a couple of sweepstakes.  I started to entering some then after winning some nice prizes, I was entering a lot. I also won big included 4 TV's, 2 trucks, trips, cash, jewelry, electronics, cameras and more.

On this video, I tell you about my story in sweepstakes and mainly online sweepstakes. I started November, 2003 and went live March 2004.  My video also represents experience from the website and the members also.

Feel free to comment on the video and if you decide to take up sweepstakes as a hobby, I sincerely hope to hear about your wins.

Craig McDaniel, President
aka - Mr. Sweepy

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  1. Great 1st video, Craig! Interesting to listen to.